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Washington vs Ohio State 2019 (live score results below) heats up Rose Bowl result today. The game heads to ESPN. But what is the start time on the Rose Bowl?Washington vs Ohio State 2019 has a 2 pm PST start time on today’s Rose Bowl 2019 game.


 WA is #9 with a 10-3 record and Ohio State is #6 with a 12-1 record. WA reflected this week on their season. “It has been rocky. It has been tough. It has been hard. And that’s why I have a lot of respect for these kids,” Washington coach Chris Petersen said. “They’ve been through a lot. There was a lot of expectations put on them. At times, we’ve played really well, and, at times, we haven’t played as well as we think we can.”

Meyer enters the Rose Bowl with an 11-3 bowl record. “I grew up in the state of Ohio watching the Rose Bowl for many, many years,” he told reporters. “And it’s been a bucket list and a dream to go coach out there.”

What is the mood for Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr. this week? “Rose Bowl has a great history. A lot of quarterbacks play in that game,” Haskins said. “It’s a very rich tradition game. And looking forward to competing with my teammates.”

Neither team needs motivation today. “Our players know all about the Rose Bowl, they appreciate and respect the tradition, and I’m sure that’s why all those guys are playing,” Meyer said. “I think I’d be shocked if our guys didn’t play well,” Meyer told reporters. “We’re playing a very good team. And I’ve been a part of some teams where you’re worried about that. I think our guys, because they really truly care about each other, they want to win this game.”

Meyer’s retirement won’t have an impact on today’s game, Browning tells news. “Even if he was still going to coach another 20 years I’d still want to beat him,” Browning said. “It doesn’t really affect my game at all. Obviously, he wants to go out on top and so do we. It’s my last game, too, and so I’m preparing really hard and hopefully we’ll go out and win.”

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